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Since 2010, MED AIR PROS has been the go-to choice for top-tier Heating and Air Conditioning services in Denver, Colorado. Renowned as the finest air conditioning company in the area, our professional technicians are available 24/7 to address any challenges your system faces throughout the seasons. We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior service, transparent business practices, and unmatched expertise. From quick repairs to comprehensive installations, there’s no HVAC job our technicians can’t handle. Trust MED AIR PROS for all your Air Conditioning Repair needs in Denver.
heating and Air Conditioning in Denver

Air Conditioning and Heating Denver

Reliable HVAC solutions ensuring Denver's comfort all year round efficiently and affordably.
air conditioner repair denver
Air Conditioner Repair
air conditioner installation denver
Air Conditioner Installation
Air Conditioner Maintenance
Heating Repair denver
Heating Repair
hvac heating installation
Heating Installation
Heating Maintenance
Air Conditioner Repair Denver

Professional and Affordable Air Conditioner Repair Denver

Air conditioner repair in Denver is only one call away with MED AIR PRO. Is your air conditioner not working as it should? Are you wondering whether or not you need a new AC installation to get your home cool again, or just an AC repair in Denver?

At MED AIR PRO, our team of NATE-certified and factory-trained air conditioning repair technicians is just a phone call away. Our friendly and skilled Denver HVAC experts will get you cooled off before you have used up all the ice in your refrigerator trying to stay chill.

As part of our air conditioning repair in Denver, MED AIR PRO facilitates customers with upfront pricing, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and on-time arrival.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services Include

You can depend on MED AIR PRO for timely and exceptional heating and air conditioning services, including the following:

HVAC Repair
Has your AC unit stopped working? If so, it’s time to contact your local air conditioning repair experts at MED AIR PRO. Our experienced technicians, who are just a phone call away, have seen it all and know how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair all types of HVAC systems. Look for other signs that signal the need for air conditioning repair, including loud and unusual noises, bad smells, reduced airflow, or sudden spikes in your energy bill.

Furnace Repair
Don’t let furnace issues leave you in the cold. Our experts have the experience to diagnose and repair common and uncommon problems with home furnace heating systems, keeping you warm and comfortable year-round.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

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Whether you need HVAC repair, furnace repair, or any other heating and cooling service, our team is ready to assist you throughout the entire region.
The technician was very professional and courteous. I recommend Med Air Pros to anyone with AC.
Michelle Hull
Michelle Hull
June 6, 2024
Just had a new AC system installed today, and the whole experience was great! I was very happy with the work Mahjoub and John performed. I'm glad I chose this company for my service.
Terry Cortez
Terry Cortez
June 6, 2024
This is the best company by far ! I contacted multiple companies and they didnt bother fixing . Contacted this company . They came they fixed they saved me the headaches and money . They were very attentive .
Feti Feti
Feti Feti
March 26, 2024
Best service I ever head .very professional. Now I understand how ly Hvac work and what need to be done on regular bases to keep it from going down . Valuable advises were given to me . I recommend this company to all . I would give more starts if I could. ***********
Ed Lab
Ed Lab
February 5, 2024
I highly recommend this company.
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez
February 1, 2024
Med Air Pro came highly recommended and they didn’t disappoint. Arrived on time for the estimate and arrived on time the following day to install new furnace unit. Thank you for the great service; will definitely use them in the future!
Brittney Gonzalez
Brittney Gonzalez
February 1, 2024
Great company , i highly recommend then for all you Hvac needs.
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez
January 29, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common issues that indicate the need for air conditioning repair include refrigerant leaks, corrosion of wires and electronic components, water leaks, and dirty filters. These problems can cause issues like intermittent functioning, temperature fluctuations, a unit that refuses to turn on, an unresponsive thermostat, a system that takes a long time to heat or cool your home, and high energy bills. Most of these problems are preventable with routine maintenance and repair.
If your system runs but doesn't heat or cool well. You notice rattling, grinding or loud humming noises, air ducts and vents are noticeably dirty, your unit emits an odor, you see leaks or water puddles near the unit, or you notice a change in airflow or indoor humidity. These are all signs that you should call for air conditioner repair.
In general, an HVAC system should last between 15 and 25 years. However, it depends on the type of system you have and its maintenance history. A heating and air conditioning system that gets annual inspections and regular filter replacements will have less wear and tear on the components, which means it should last longer. How often the system runs also impacts its lifespan. For instance, if you like to keep it cold in your home during the summer with the AC running most of the time, the unit will wear out faster than if you set the thermostat several degrees warmer. Regular maintenance and inspections, along with performing AC repair when necessary, will keep your unit functioning at peak efficiency until it's time to replace it.
Common signs your heating system needs to be inspected include:
  • Lasting or strange smells - When using your furnace for the first time during the year, there may be a slight smell. However, you may have a furnace issue if the scent does not go away or if an odd odor appears suddenly.
  • Difficulty starting the unit or unit randomly turning off - A furnace that struggles to turn on or keep running needs attention.
  • Non-blue pilot light and/or carbon monoxide detector goes off - A yellow flame can indicate that the gas isn’t getting burned off completely and producing carbon monoxide in the process. If a carbon monoxide detector shows levels of CO in your home, contact Bill Howe for professional heating and air conditioning repair.
  • Low or no heat - If the system isn't heating your home quickly or at all, it's a sign that your furnace needs attention.
  • Humidity - If you notice the humidity levels in your home are higher than usual or have moisture around windows or on surfaces, this is a sign that your system is not performing properly.
  • Rising energy bill - A large increase in your energy bill can also mean your heater is not functioning properly.
  • Furnace unusually noisy - If you hear persistent humming, rattling or buzzing noises coming from your furnace then it is time to get it repaired or replaced.
  • Increased dust levels - Your HVAC system may need a cleaning or air filter replacement if you notice more dust or soot around the house while it is running.
If you notice any of these signs, call for heating repair before you’re left in the cold.

Your furnace utilizes fuel (such as natural gas, propane, or oil) to generate heat, which is then circulated throughout your home by a blower. This hot air travels through pipes (ducts) located within floors and walls, ensuring even distribution. Before being reheated and recirculated, the cool air is filtered upon its return. This entire process is orchestrated by your thermostat, which communicates electrical signals to your furnace.

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